ict-sis-  Goals

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1. To cooperate with other research entities within and outside Iran with a goal to develop and improve ICT industry and infrastructures in Iran in general; and ICT services and exports in particular.

2. To cooperate with ICT authorities and educational institutions within and outside Iran to raise the level of Iran international activities in the field of ICT.

3. To conduct field research, to make high quality statistics for improving ICT developing index in Iran.

4. To conduct research on Future Study in field of ICT to update ICT roadmap in Iran.

5. To conduct research regarding different issues in information and knowledge society.

6. To conduct applied and laboratory research for better using the latest technologies in the field of ICT and raising the impact of ICT industry on economy in the world in general; and in Iran in particular.

7. To launch pilot projects to design new forms of ICT-based networking, linking education, training and research institutions between Iran and developed and developing countries.

8. To issue newsletter and specialized scientific ICT journals; and publishing ICT technical books and administrative reports.

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