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First Conference on Information Technology Industry and GDP

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First Conference on Information Technology Industry and GDP

Moola-Sadra Hall, E.E.Dep., IUST , Tehran; 10 June 2012

In this conference of experts, 80 Iranian information technology’s experts in four reference groups (academics, policy-makers, technology specialists and service providers) invited to talk about the results of the Delphi questionnaires that were designed for determining different aspects of the drivers of information technology industry that may increase the share of IT industry in Gross Domestic Gross (GDP) in Iran. The future study methodology were applied in designing the questionnaires and a electronic Delphi software system was developed to gather the views of the experts involved in the projects over the web. In this conference firstly an open discussion were conducted about the previous results and secondly a new set of questionnaires distributed among the attendees and their view were collected to find the most efficient strategies and actions regarding the selected set of drivers.
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