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IUST research center for ICT-SIS have been published several books and technical reports contacting the facts and figures about ICT in the world and Iran in general, and gap analysis and development policy for ICT in Iran in particular.  Almost all of the books are published in Farsi; and the English version of those that have not been translated from other languages, are going to be published in future.

Analysis of ICT Development Trend in Iran and the World

In this book, the ICT status of Iran and other countries in the world are analyzed, based on the IDI measurements reported by ITU. The book is the results of spending several hours of technical discussions about the data and information within the national reports and/or international reports published by ITU, UNCTAD and other international institutes.

Iran National Report on WSIS – 2012

This book contains main activities on Iran about information society. Firstly, the report shows a general view about ICT situation in Iran. Secondly the report described the most important mega-projects conducted in the filed of ICT and its applications in Iran in past years according to WSIS action lines. The report was announced in WSIS Forum 2012 in Geneva by Iran delegation.

Iran National Report on WSIS – 2013

This book, which announced as official reports of Iran delegation in WSIS Froum2013 on Geneva, contains the main activities in Iran about WSIS action lines in 2012 and 2013. The report also has a general look on the last ICT situation in Iran; and describes the most important projects run in Iran, according to WSIS action lines.

ICT Development Trends in a Glance (The World Status till 2012)

This book briefly reviews the ICT status of the countries in all around the world till 2012, based on the IDI measurement model developed by ITU in 2009. The statistics are collected from the information published by ITU in its annual reports.

ICT Development Trends in a Glance (The World Status till 2013)

After getting high attention by the decision makers and experts, regarding the 2012 edition of “ICT Development Trends in a Glance”, ICT-SIS decided to publish the 2013 edition by the end of 2013. The book such as previous edition briefly reviews the ICT status of the countries till 2013, according to IDI measurement model developed by ITU.

ICT Statistics in 2013

This administrative summary presents an abstract review of the main statistics in the field of ICT.  The reports are based on the data announced by ITU and other international bodies in ICT in 2013. The booklet try to offer general information that help decision makers to plan more effectively in the field of ICT.

Impact of IT Industry on GDP: Expert Survey for implementing Iran 5th National Development Plan

This book is executive report containing the results extracted from the research project performed by ICT-SIS for Information Technology Organization (ITO) on 2012. The best policies and strategies and actions for 18 main drivers of information technology drivers beside with the results of SWOT analysis’ done for all the drivers are reported. Future study and expert survey are used the base of this research and the methods are also expressed for the readers that enable them to apply the method to other areas. 

A Manual for Collecting ICT Administrative Data

It is clear that directing the development macro-programs of every country in the field of ICT cannot be obtained without defining and collecting technical indicators. This book is a comprehensive reference for such indicators and can be used by any responsible organizations and people.

ICT and Developing Private Sector

This book analyzes the impact of ICT of developing the private sector. The data and information used in the book are announced by UNCTAD and other international bodies regarding the economy in the world.  

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